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What Is a ‘Make-Good’ Service?

August 26, 2020

When signing a commercial property lease, you may notice a clause known as the ‘make-good’ clause. ‘Make-good’ is a standard clause that will require the tenant to return the property to its original condition upon vacating. You’ll find that this type of clause is usually present in the lease of commercial properties where the tenant has the intent to change the existing fit out.

If you are currently coming to the end of your commercial lease and are required to return the property to its original condition, Adelaide Office Projects can help! We have extensive experience in delivering ‘make-good’ projects for business owners all over Adelaide. Our team will complete all work required to ensure the property is back to a leasable status.

Learn more about what’s involved in our ‘make-good’ services below:


What’s Included in a ‘Make-Good’ Service?

When moving into a commercial property, it’s not unusual for tenants to bring in their own fixtures and fittings. They naturally want to create a space that works best for their business. However, when it comes time to vacate the property, more often than not, it’s important to return the commercial space to its original condition. This is otherwise known as a ‘make-good’. This includes removing all redundant fixtures, installations, fittings and alterations.

It’s also important to note that after the initial strip out, there may be more work required to bring the property back to a leasable status. Our team can provide any necessary repair works to internal permitted walls, including the repair of wall connections and repainting.


‘Make-Good’ Demolition

You may have put up walls or partitions in the space during your lease. Our ‘make-good’ demolition service can include the demolition of partitions, cabinetry and ceiling repairs if required. Our team also understands how costly and time-consuming a demolition service can be if completed before investigation. This is why we will always complete a thorough inspection before any work begins.

Why Choose Adelaide Office Projects for Your Next ‘Make-Good’ Service?

If you’re looking for a premium ‘make-good’ service in Adelaide, look no further than the Adelaide Office Projects team! With years of industry experience and a meticulous approach, you won’t be disappointed.